5 Natural Yoga exercises

Life Balance

5 Natural Yoga exercises you should definitely practice on the shore of Lake Schwarzsee.

Tuesday, August 1, 2023


#1 The tree.

Connect with the trees around Schwarzsee and

  • strengthen your leg and foot muscles
  • promote your (inner and outer) balance
  • strengthen your nervous system
  • improve your ability to concentrate




#2 The warrior.

Feel the tremendous power of the water of the Schwarzsee with this exercise and

  • deepen your breathing
  • strengthen your back leg and back muscles
  • harmonize the autonomic nervous system
  • promote your endurance and self-confidence

#3 The upward-facing dog

Breathe in the fresh air provided by the Schwarzsee and the surrounding mountains deeply and

  • strengthen your abdominal and leg muscles
  • mobilize your thoracic spine
  • train your core and gluteal muscles

#4 The downward-facing dog

Listen to the waves of the lake slapping against the pier, let yourself be carried by the rhythm and

  • strengthen your arms and shoulders
  • stretch your back and leg muscles
  • let your mind come to rest
  • improve your flexibility

#5 The warrior 2.

Reach towards the sun and enjoy every single ray of sunshine, while

  • you strengthen your legs and shoulders
  • stretch your hips
  • improve your concentration and posture