4 Sauna Tips

Power lies in the warmth.

Here you will find our tips on what you should pay attention to before, during and after the sauna session.

How to sauna like a pro

#1 Enjoy a shower before you start your sauna.

#2 Everything you need for your wellness stay you will find in the room spa bag incl. sauna towel, slippers and bathrobe. For the sauna you need the towel to wrap around and sit on, so that the wood is not sweated. Please do not wear swimwear, as synthetic materials can become uncomfortably hot. You will need the bathrobe for cozy moments afterwards.

#3 Don't forget that saunas are good for you, but they take a toll on your body. Therefore, please drink more water or tea than usual and allow yourself a short cooling down in between - either in the fresh air or in the form of a short invigorating shower.

#4 We also recommend applying plenty of lotion after your spa session, as the skin is particularly receptive after so much heat and steam.