Explore the diversity

Mobility in Kitzbühel.

Whether with the E-Golfcar or the E-Bike, with these options, you won't get stuck in traffic or have to worry about finding a suitable parking space.

Experience Kitzbühel


Our Golf E-Cars are exactly what you need for a successful shopping tour. From Alpenhotel Kitzbühel at Schwarzsee, you can comfortably drive along the lake before turning onto the road that leads you directly into the city. There, you will find exclusive shops as well as traditional crafts businesses.


If you prefer a more active approach, you can rent our Nox Cycles E-Bikes. With these, you can also quickly and easily ride to the historic old town of Kitzbühel or take an E-Bike tour around Kitzbühel. After each tour, all vehicles will be prepared for the next use at the respective charging stations in the hotel.

Private Pick-up Train Service:

If you arrive by train, the Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee station is only 500m away on foot. However, we are happy to pick you up for free at Kitzbühel's main train station with our "Private Pick-up Train Service."

As you can see, there are many options to leave your car at Alpenhotel Kitzbühel at Schwarzsee and move around Kitzbühel in an environmentally friendly way.