Flora & Fauna

Pure nature.

Due to its unique location, the Schwarzsee at the edge of the Bichlach hilly landscape captivates with a high number of bogs and wetland areas. The colorful variety of flora and fauna in this area offers everything from "lovely flowers" to carnivorous plants.

The Bichlach hilly landscape between Kitzbühel, Oberndorf, St. Johann, and Going is known for its rare flowering plants. Water-retaining layers and shallow depressions have developed into various bogs and wetland habitats during the last ice age. The high moor at Schwarzsee, with large populations of peat moss species and peat formation, allows everyone to experience this diverse vegetation up close.

The sundew species have settled there, and through their special technique, they can "digest" small insects. The common cranberry as a dwarf shrub catches the eye because it bears small pink flowers in spring, making it easily noticeable during a walk. The bog rosemary, which resembles its Mediterranean relative, is rather hidden. Rare in Tyrol but discoverable at Schwarzsee is the marsh calla, also known as bog dragonroot. It thrives among the large clumps of sedges, along the brook, or at the edge of the high moor areas. Its flowering period is in May and June, and you can even spot it when looking down from the north shore. Otherwise, it captivates with its smooth, broadly heart-shaped leaves.

The Schwarzsee with its bogs provides a home for various habitat types and thus has a very special appearance. During a walk, especially in spring, you can get very close to nature and admire the world of plants in all its flowering splendor.