Organic Farm Shop

Local products.

So that you can take the enjoyment of the Kitzb├╝hel Alps region home with you, you'll find in our organic farm shop a selection of high-quality organic products sourced directly from the surrounding farms.

Welcome to the new organic farm shop.

The brand-new organic farm shop at the Alpenhotel Kitzb├╝hel offers a rich selection of premium organic products, lovingly crafted by dedicated Kitzb├╝hel organic farmers. The range includes premium organic pasta made from high-quality grains, delicate organic eggnog, refreshing organic syrups, fresh organic eggs straight from the farm, and aromatic organic vinegar that adds a special touch to your dishes.

The organic farm shop at the Alpenhotel Kitzb├╝hel is open not only to our hotel guests but also to external visitors. Discover the diversity and quality of our organic products, directly from the farms of the picturesque Kitzb├╝hel Alps region. The shop is located in the modern co-working space right next to the hotel reception.

  • Organic-Mountain Farm "Mittern"
    In harmony with nature, the organic mountain farm Mittern in Aurach near Kitzb├╝hel operates a biological agriculture at an altitude of approximately 1080 meters. In addition to dairy farming, the main focus is on laying hens. All animals are kept in species-appropriate conditions with generous space and pure organic feed. The family-run farm harmoniously integrates into the natural cycle, symbolized by 'The Rooster, the Hen, and the Egg'.
  • Organic-Farm "Holzerhof"
    The farmhouse of Holzerhof is located in Bichlach near Reith and can already look back on a documented mention 700 years ago. The focus of the biologically managed family business is on sustainability. The farm includes mother cows with offspring, laying hens, ducks, cats, and its own organic beekeeping. Berries and herbs are collected extensively on the home fields and the own alpine pasture.
  • Bio-Farm "Juffinger"
    As an agricultural enterprise located in the picturesque Thierseetal at 836 meters above sea level at the Ursprungpass to Bavaria, the Bio-Hof Juffinger places great value on natural animal husbandry and completely avoids silage and concentrate feed. The organic Angus cattle enjoy over 200 days a year the freedom of the alpine pastures and are cared for in the cow-calf operation. The water for the animals comes directly from the Sonnwend-Joch, the highest mountain in the Thierseetal.
  • Organic Dairy Walchsee
    The organic dairy Walchsee in the northeast of Tyrol, near Kufstein, in the Kaiserwinkl, was founded in 1904 by nearly 100 mountain farmers as a cooperative. Until 1994, Emmental cheese was produced in Walchsee from the milk of the many small mountain farms. In winter, the farmers brought the milk from the farm and in summer from the alpine pastures to the dairy. From 1994, 60 farmers switched to organic farming practices.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024